He referred to me as "Ole Girl"?

I've been in a relationship with a guy I really like. I made a fake profile of a beautiful girl, and he began to talk to with her very very freakily and proceed to set up a time to hook up with her while he was texting me at the SAME TIME. When I confronted him about it, he said it was his cousin pretending to be him, and they were sharing the phone.

I asked him to put it on his Facebook that he's talking to me, and not anyone else. He said "I'm talking to ole girl and everything feels right with her?" So I'm, ole girl?


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  • Don't take it personally, unless there's a history of this stuff

    Sometimes dudes just think somethings funny or a clever way to say something without realizing it can be taken the wrong way. Honestly, it could be an endearing term, like "ole man" is to a long-time hubby

    He was probably just stupid and nervous. If he DIDN'T try to actually hook up with her, he was scared you would think was was. if he WAS, he was scared you would find out


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  • Lol he sounds like an ass hat.. dump his ass.


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