Is he interested?

On Friday, I sent him a message saying he should text me sometime (we've never met but I know people that know him) and he asked for my number and said I was pretty. We texted all night that night then he texted me first on Saturday and we talked until he had a basketball game at 5 and he said he'd text afterwards, which he did. We talked until about 1:30 am and he was saying that I was beautiful. Then this morning he didn't text me so I texted him at about 1 and he didn't respond until around 2:30. We talked until about 3 but we both took 10-20 minutes to respond. But then he asked at around 3 if I was going to do anything [else] today and I responded 10 minutes later saying that I probably wasn't doing anything and I asked him if he was. It's been over three hours and he hasn't responded yet. The longest it's taken him to respond before today was about an hour except the two hours he was playing basketball but he told me he wouldn't be responding. Do you think he's just busy or does he just seem uninterested? And I don't want to double text because the last time I sent two messages in a row to a boy (only happened one time and he was different boy) he called me clingy and told me to leave him alone. So what should I do?
*It has been over 5 hours


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  • its Sunday so he was probably at church and after with family. or he was like me sending a text abd going right back to sleep then repeat because lazy Sunday

  • He probably has a good reason. I wouldn't worry about it


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