Girl mentioned to me she was going to be home alone for a little bit?

now i'm just feling tempted , she was at her work and it was mentioned at some point that she was going to be home alone for a week or so as people she was living with were all away somewhere else on trips or such. i live like just down the street from her so i'm not exactly sure why she mentioned this or if it was just something that came out and she didn't realise or she intentionally wants me to know this info?


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  • Did she say it specifically to you? If so, then she wanted you to know most likely

    • well not exactly but I was rate beside her when it was mentioned , she works at a bar so she was talking and I was sitting rate there , she knows I live rate near her , we know each other fairly well , although I've never been to her place before

    • It's hard to say for sure since it was a group setting.. I wouldn't show up at her house or anything but maybe continue seeing her and just try and build the chemistry, see how she responds to you flirting with her, good luck!

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