What are the signs that a girl has friendzoned a guy?


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  • depends how good looking you are in comparison to here tbh. What would you say her number is, compared to your number? Also if you guys only hang out in groups and never alone, that's a sign your in the friendzone. If she doesn't try to look cute when you see her, you're in the friendzone. If she doesn't make physical contact with you, you're in the friend zone. You could have any of these happen and still be in the friendzone though. Really the first is the best determinate. Or, if you aren't really going anywhere with life. Is she more successful than you? Girls don't want guys who are not as smart as they are.

    • Whate shirt and she trying not to look at you and she said know i wll take off you shirt as a joke lol as you get off work

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    • Are you trying to say that you are taking off your shirt in front of her? If she liked you she would not mind that you take off your shirt.

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  • The main sign would be treating you like one of her girl friends or like a brother. If she talks about her sex life with you or says "oh wow that guy is attractive" when talking about another guy, you are friend zoned.

  • joking around about him/other girls, not being afraid to criticise him..
    but who said friends can't become something more


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