Who has the right in this argument between me and my girlfriend and also how would you girls react if your boyfriend did this?

We went out to eat and so there was this girl at the next table and she was dressed pretty "revealing" and she had a friend, I guess my girlfriend noticed her too. So i will admit that i did look at her a couple of times but quickly. So when my girlfriend went to the washroom, this girl asked me "is that your girlfriend?", i replied with "yes". While i was talking to her my girlfriend was walking back, she saw and when she sat down she asked me why i was talking to her and i said she just asked a question.

So inside the car she was like "i saw you keep looking at her, you talked to her too, tell me the truth what you said". i kept telling the truth. I told her this was no big deal to argue over, she said it kinda is. What do you think? were my actions bad or shady or something? Would you girls react the same way? i need some help with this one


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  • i think you were right.

    • thanks for the opinion

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  • You didn't do anything wrong on the face of it but the way you did it could make all the difference. You could tell a girl, "yes that's my girlfriend" and mean entirely different things by the inflection and your body language. Only you know what you were thinking.

    If it were my girlfriend and I really hadn't been encouraging another girl's interest I would tell her to trust me or find another boyfriend but I was always completely trustworthy.


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  • I'd be jealous and suspicious too. Especially after I saw you checking her out "a few times". There's something called subtly. Learn it

    • Subtlety*

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    • lol don't worry. I believe in the "look but don't touch". I check guys out too, after all we're in a relationship, not dead! But it's all about respecting your partner. Don't blatantly do it and be all obvious about it! Be subtle

    • yeaaaahh

  • I would probably show a little bit jealousy but not like your gf's. I would understand that You didn't go to her and flirt with her obviously if she was by your table. But when I am with my boyfriend and if we see a hot girl, we both look at her and say "hot". It just makes everything comfortable for us!

    • sounds like you guys have a good relationship and can joke around :) My girlfriend was cheated on before me so maybe that is why. how can i further more apologize for this?

    • Saying that she is the only one for you and reminding how special and precious she is would be a great way to comfort her. Girls love little words like that :) Otherwise, dont bring up about what happened. It will again lead to an argument.

    • Ok, we're together now for 6 months and never really go into an argument so i wanted to make sure i did not aggravate things. Thanks for help!

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  • You really... really shouldn't be checking someone out while ya with ya partner dude :/
    She got a tad jealous by the sounds of it... you lacked tact... she over reacted to a degree... both a tad in the wrong.


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