Frustrated at not know what to say and how to be confident?

Okay I have a hard time holding a conversation with people in general, because I can be described as a loner/introvert. At work I will talk, because I have to and also with people I know I will talk and joke around. If I am not comfortable with you or much less don't even know you I have no idea of what to say to you. When I do pick up something to say that is all I have. I normally as basic questions about the person then I am S**t out of luck from there. There is this particular girl that I am trying to talk to because I find her attractive (I have wanted to ask her out at least once to find out if she would be interested in the last two months), but don't know how to progress in the manner to make her attracted to me and get to know her. Then if I see a random girl somewhere I am looking like she is very pretty, but then what. I have had a lot of rejections just like other guys, but I can't seem to not take it personal. I am thinking they wouldn't find me attractive because I am overweight 5'8'' at 210lbs not very muscular (which I have a hard time getting right. I go to the gym and play basketball a lot and try to lift weights but I'm very inconsistant with the department of weight lifting, because I have no idea of what to do. I try to make better food choices, which is a battle in itself for me I am always trying to calorie count). Anyways I have gone on dates and gotten numbers, but they all have rejected me for one reason or another, they have never said anything about my weight, but in the back of my head I know it is the problem. I don't know how to get over this crippling fear of being rejected and finding the right things to say and getting a girlfriend. I really just need help with it?


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  • you need professional help.


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