The guy I'm seeing is planning on meeting up with another girl?

I've been seeing a guy for about a month and I started having doubts when I saw girls being overly flirty on all of his pictures and him liking pictures of girls in their underwear. I confronted him about it because although I have guys who say I'm pretty they aren't full on and I definitely don't go checking them out in their underwear either since I find that disrespectful. He told me when me and him are more serious then he wouldn't like girls pictures and as for girls comments that I shouldn't worry since they mean nothing.

However, one of the girls comments on literally everything, he uploaded a picture of some scenery from where he lives and she said 'Take me there! <3' and comments saying how gorgeous he is on every picture. I was on Facebook and saw her profile, so I obviously did a bit of snooping and she put a post saying 'Only 131 days until me and ___ are united!' The girl lives in America and me and him live in the UK. Someone put a comment saying wait does that mean marriage? and she put no just together :) and he liked it.

It seems so weird to me that she's being THAT flirty and he's visting her half way around the world yet I'm meant to believe nothing is going on... He constantly tells me how lucky he is to finally have me after liking me for so long but then when I see things like this I'm just like wtf? What do I do? Do I tell him that I've seen he's going to America to meet her? :/


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  • you should say something.


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