Why is it so hard to communicate and not play games while dating nowadays?

You know, if you don't like someone, tell them. Set them free. If you do, tell them, don't let them get away. Games are for the immature. I feel like if you're really mature, in a healthy mental space, and looking for a real, lasting relationship, you will be 100% yourself, honest, and open about your feelings/intentions/life. It's not something I've ever come across in a man. I thought I had, then he said he liked what we had and wanted to continue talking, only to ignore my friendly text, and then, the last one in which I said how I felt and stated that if I didn't get a response, I would move on about my life, make peace with it, and wish him the best, I just had to take a chance. How hard is it to text me and say "I appreciate you saying that, but I'm honestly not feeling it and didn't know how to tell you, but I wish you the best too" instead of making me think he liked me, then ignoring me, which is a form of emotional abuse. Why, as a society, can we not be honest with each other? I just feel like it creates more stress and BS than telling truth ever would and I guess, I just don't understand people that can't afford me the same respect.


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  • You are dating the wrong men or the guys around you are bad. I HATE playing games and find not being honest completely ridiculous. Hope you find better guys in the future :)


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  • Well said... agreed.

  • "It's not something I've ever come across in a man."

    You're dating crappy men then.


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