How can I find a girl?

Does anyone know how i can either find, meet or hook up with a girl? Because all my freinds do and they either have plenty of times or have had a lot of girlfriends or currently are. I really hate this so much. I seem to have a lot more going than some of them but i can't find one girl or hook up. Its just terribly depressing. The girl who actually liked me someone i know asked her out because he knew i was gonna a day before. Next girl seems to play me. I dont think i do anything to deserve this and its just a awful feeling. Does anyone know how though?

Both girls i really liked and I'm pretty sure the one was gonna say yes but this guy who she kind of liked to was jealous. Seriously just wanna cry myself to sleep.


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  • so do u want hook-up and only? if that's so try tinder... otherwise if u wanna go for sth seriou... avoid tinder

    • How do you usually hook up via tinder?

    • it has to do wid who u r "matched" u know...

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