Does my boyfriend love me? or is he afraid to love?

Okay long story short. My boyfriend and I get along perfectly, we have similiar interests and we love being around each other. A few weeks ago we had a talk and I told him I can see myself falling for him ( I might already have) and he said "I can see it too, but I'm having a hard time letting myself get to that point" is he just scared to be in love? does he just not want to love me? I don't know how long I should wait for him to finally decide he loves me, what if he never does?


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  • That sounds like he is more scared of being in love and possibly being that vulnerable to being hurt

    • My exact thought. I'm terrified of being hurt too but I don't want to scare him off by telling him I love him to soon because if his own fears.

    • That is good, you guys need to keep talking about it so you both know how each feels and talk about everything

    • Communication is very important especially at this stage right before you both say those three magical words and allow yourselves to fall

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