How do I ask my crush out again?

So I really like this guy and he seems to like me back. A couple weeks ago, I asked him out on a date and said that we should both do something before we both leave (I was going on vacation with my family and he had a sports tournament and we just so happened to be leaving town around the same day). He agreed and seemed excited about us doing something as it would be our first date and chance to be together by ourselves (in a public place, of course so it's not like we would be messing around at one of our houses). Anyway, we planned it out and then it turned out that we both were super busy as we only had a couple days left before we both left the state, so I told him that we should reschedule because I didn't want to stess him out. He was reluctant at first and seemed upset that we wouldn't see each other before we left but finally agreed that it would work out better when we both got back and were less busy. So I've just gotten back home and he isn't out of town anymore, when and how should I bring up the date again without being and sounding too desperate? I have brought it up twice already: once when I asked him on it and then again the day he left for his tournament, I texted him good luck and that we will do something when we get back. I don't want to sound desperate but I also don't want to wait around and not bring it up because what if he forgets or doesn't mention it. I really like him and don't want to mess this up. What should I do?


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