Should I pursue this relationship?

So this is a long story but I'll try to shorten it. I have known this girl for about 12 years now and in the last year for the first time I have been able to really get to know her and I have found out she is the most amazing girl that I have ever met. I found out that she has liked me for a long time now and I have completely fallen in love with her. Now the problem is she is best friends with my younger brother and they have always had a close friendship but he had always referred to her as his sister and they had a brother sister like relationship. She wanted to make sure it was okay with him if we were to date and he said that he likes her now. But she has no romantic feelings for him at all and was even disappointed that they didn't have the relationship that she thought they had and the one he initiated by calling her his sister. So he knows that I like her and she likes me and said to go for it but then he got really sad and so we decided we would let him try to get over it before the two of us for together because we don't want to hurt him. But since then it's been a few months and he seems to not even try to move on at all and it is like he is now putting in an effort to try to make her like him, like he is complementing her a ton and he never did before and he is texting her way more and saying things he wouldn't normally say but then says he doesn't see how he is acting different. Should I consider his feelings still or should I care more about mine at this point? Would it be wrong for me to just go for it and start the relationship anyway?


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  • so in other words... u have to hurt either her or yer bro.
    by startin this relationship u'll hurt yer bro... and by avoidin her, u'll hurt her.

    personally i believe it'd be better to forget her, unless yer bro changes his mind. y? coz if u start it, then he might hate u forever wot u did... and probably he'll never forgive u.

    • So you're saying to give up on dating her? Cause I'll still be seeing her everyday and my brother will now still continue making moves on her even tho he knows I like her now and that there is no way she would ever date him?

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    • Ah okay, well thank you for talking this out with me. Don't really have anyone to talk about it with, this has been helpful! I appreciate your time!

    • np dude... :)

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