Girl I am dating fell asleep with texting me, is this lack of respect?

So I was dating a girl, I was talking to her through text one night and she fell asleep. Honestly I was not bothered that much but if I ignore this she might think she can get away with more crap.

So I do not know what to do. Is it bad? I never fell asleep when talking with someone. When I am too sleepy I go to bed and tell the other person.

Also I always have to send funny stuff to her to make her laugh. She talks with me but unless I start the discussion in a certain way it never is funny. This is really hard on me and it's a bit depressing.

I also went one night to her place. But she said she had to do some tasks for work. So I let her do the tasks. Eventually I got bored and it was late, had to go to work the second day so I left. She seemed a bit upset after that but it wasn't my fault I waited for an hour and a half for her to finish her task.

Does this relationship have a future?


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  • Your logic is twisted. Just because she fell asleep one night does not mean she's going to try to get away with some things. Damn, you sound too controlling... It's not cute.


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  • Course it has future, I do it all the time hahah. Personally I think cutting a conversation to say you're going to sleep kind of kills the flow of conversation and the rest seems quite minor issues, but if it bothers you it just means you're probably different people

  • I wouldn't get mad about her falling asleep. It's her body forcing her to sleep not because she wasn't interested in you. It happens to everyone.

    With the next thing - it is a bit annoying but maybe she just likes your company and didn't realise. You can always talk to her about it.

    I don't think these things are enough to question the future of the relationship - they're pretty small :) if it really bothers you that much just tell her gently. good luck and stay light hearted

  • i don't think you are feeling good with her.. and you are probably wasting your time


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  • Yeah it's not a big deal falling asleep... maybe she is too tired and some people tend to fall asleep quick right after dinner...
    Umm... if your really annoyed about it, go talk to her about it.
    Communication is the key of a healthy relationship.👍


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