Should I back off? Am I over reacting?

Okay so what should I do?

me and this guy have been dating for almost 2 months. He keeps saying he's not ready for a relationship because he has a newborn daughter, and he feels like he should focus on school and her. I understood that because I'm also focused on school, and I'm not aware of how it is to have a child and how it changes your life. A month ago, I broke it off with him, because I thought he was using me.

A week later, I picked it back up because I realized I wasn't being understanding with his situation. However, since I broke it off, things haven't been the same. We only really ever talk about sexist he still tells me he has feelings for me, and he gets jealous. He seems confused, and I'm a clingy person, so I feel like I'm pushing him away. I would really like to be there for him, with the hopes of us developing into something in the future, but I don't know.

am I being used? Or am I overreacting?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Over reacting... But then again it's just two months... its hard to decide... give him few more weeks or a month or two..

    • He's now ignoring me :( should I just give him space? Or does this mean he doesn't like me anymore?

    • @asker yeah give him some space.. wiat till se text you.. if you don't hear from him in 5 days, go see him in person or give a call. Don't text..
      And tell him, mention by hinting him that you want more... than what you are... but I would say even to take the next step with him two months is not enough... like you need to know his while stroy... Where is the baby from... etc etc because of your going to accept her or not etc etc.
      So for now... just get busy with yourself... Read a book... do what keeps you busy... till 5 days... and then go visit him as usual and see...
      Good luck 👍

What Girls Said 1

  • First question is where does the child's mother fit into this. If he's the sole parent, then his life is going to be damned difficult. If the child lives with the mother, then it's not quite so bad.

    If the child was unplanned, he's probably very scared of getting involved with anyone else. I'd be inclined toback off and look elswhere. Maintain just a friendship just in case something can develop.


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