He just threw a curveball - What should I say to him?

I've been dating a guy long distance for the past 6 months. He's not the best communicator at all, much to my frustration. He was due to visit last month, but said he had to postpone it a week, and then another week, and now we're mid July and still no show. We haven't had contact for 3 weeks and im growing tired of it. I sent him a message today asking why he's been quiet and if he's coming? He replied he can't come just yet as his work schedule is tight, but would i like him to fly me over? This is UK to US by the way. I really thought he was just stringing me along, till the offer of a flight. What do i say?

Just to add - we have met, I've visited the US twice this year and he's been here once


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  • Say first or second class.
    I'm not sure what the problem is.

    • I guess the problem is more the fact that he has been postponing his trip since June, and i feel like i've had to keep asking if he's coming. He doesn't contact me reguarly - in this case, 3 weeks since we last spoke. If i hadn't asked are you coming, he would have just said nothing...

    • I've been in a long distance relationships. Me living in the UK and she in Canada so I am familiar with the situation. They are not simple. Guys are not so much into texting. It bores us. There needs to be face to face interaction. If not the communication kind of dies.

      If you can afford to go then go. You can see if the two of you should be together or not. And then you know what to do next. Now you are only guessing what to do and we here just guessing as well.

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  • So he's flying you from the UK to the US?

    • Yes, well thats what he's proposing to do. I've already been there twice this year and he's been here once

    • So take him up on his offer

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  • Threaten to contact the show Catfish lol, sounds very suspicious to me, sorry :( I hope he isn't some ass that is playing with your heart and he is a totally different person in real life. Tell him to man up

    • Lol catfish. We have met in real life, I've been to the US twice this year and he's been here once. But it is all rather fishy (no pun intended lol) i feel like if i didn't keep asking if he's coming - he may have just said nothing...

  • have you met him in person yet? is this an online thing?

    • Yeah we've met in person. I've been to the US twice this year and he's been here once

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    • Thanks for that 😊 i think my hesitation to take him up on the offer is because he doesn't make enough effort to communicate. If i hadn't asked if he was coming, i wonder how many more weeks of non communication there would have been. Im just feeling disrespected in that sense

    • if he's paying, go. If nothing else at least you can have one last fling before you ditch him and also you can tell him in person to be better... putting pressure on the relationship while you are apart will kill it.

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