Girls, which guy would you choose, confident and ugliest guy or good looking guy without confidence?

  • ugly with confidence
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  • goodlooking without confidence
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  • Wtf only 2 girls voted A? When I was younger and stupid I cared about looks more. Now the confidence is really THE ONLY thing that can turn me on. He can be the ugliest person in the world, if he has confidence (that means he likes himself no matter what, he is ambitious, he is talkactive and actually has balls to approach and speak his mind) I'm so gonna fall for him! Goodlooking guys with no confidence are just that - goodlooking, Nothing can attract me there.

    • you gave me motive to approach girls and be confident. you made my day. tomorrow is my birthday and your answer is the most greatest gift for me.

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    • But don't get me wrong, we are all human beings. We can't really choose who we gonna like, we're not robots. All of this is just theoretically and something that I would like to go for. But there is something, some invisible rope, that connects us with certain people, no matter what they are or how they look like. Same goes for NOT liking someone in that way. For example, if a guy comes to me and it's all that I just described and is plus good looking, there is still a possibility I'm not gonna like him. :/ It sucks really, but it's beyond our power. So it's pretty pointless asking for some opinions, because what we look for is usually not what we fall for. But all of this DOES matter later on in a relationship. Some features get the person, and other features keeps them. Looks is not something that's gonna keep the person by your side, but confidence definitely is. You have to think ahead.

    • thanks little bird, you are not old. i am 24 and still single.

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What Girls Said 5

  • I prefer a man with confidence, regardless of his looks. A man who is not confident is very unattractive to me.

  • Goodlooking self-conscious.. I would wanna help him to feel better about himself :)

    • good for you

    • Lol no, good for him 😉

    • i mean good looking guy is good for you as good looking girl for me :)

  • LMAO hahahaha this poll just proves either most are fibbing or very shallow.

  • Good looking without confidence.

    • thanks

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    • what the fuck
      i'm done
      you make no sense
      bye felicia

    • *you are already gone

  • It's not hard to build confidence

    • for me it is

    • i won't approach girls who are attracted with looks. why should i? why should i build confidence for them if they want looks? what is the motivation?

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