Was it a mistake to tell her about how my drunk friends were acting?

So I was with my colleagues and they got a bit drunk and started talking about funny things. I mean it's kind of funny when you see dizzy people talk about science, physics, the meaning of life and so on. I told her that my colleagues were talking about this stuff hoping that she would laugh.

But she god pissed instead and now thinks I am sort some of drunkard and that I like drinking. Why would she get pissed?

I told her that I told her about my colleagues because I thought she would laugh at them. Is the judging me to harshily?


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  • She sounds well I don't know how else to put it ummm... she's acting like an uptight asshole

    • I think she was jealous or envious because she wasn't there. I invited her but she said she had some stuff to to with her colleagues.

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  • I do that all the time... It's so funny to see them drunk. I know when to stop, but they don't seem to care


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