Every time I'm in a relationship it feels odd and weird [read pls?

Hi, in my past every relashionship I get into just feels creepy and I wan't to get out of it imediantly it makes me feel trapped.
to get a perspective of how I feel imagine dating your family member, thats how it feels. creepy and weird odd I'm a girl and in the past i've dated guys only. I like the idea of dating a guy but everytime it happens I just wan't out. ok so what i'm trying to ask if you think this could mean that I am lesbian because I think girls are hot and I have a lot of dreams about being with girls and I really like the dreams and don't wanna wake up. I've only had 1 dream abotu a guy before and it was that I was intimate with one and it felt really cold and bad and just horrible. Once my friend [girl friend] kissed me and It didn't feel weird at all but I only thought of her as a friend so I wasn't really super into it. I've been really attracted to girls before emotionally and physically [like suupperr attracted] when i'm attracted to girls it's always waay more intense feelings than when I think a guy is cute. like I really just wanna be around them [girls] as much as I can when i'm attracted to a girl unlike when I date a guy I just wan't to run does this mean I might be a lesbian


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  • so i guess u don't really like guys at all and u just date 'em so u can be "normal" or sth?

    if that's so then that's wrong... it'd be better to accept u r lesbian instead of hidin it and pretend to be sth u r not... there's nothing to be ashamed of, and whoever's judgin u... then he/she's just a close-minded fool.


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