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I've been thinking really hard on what to do. I don't like dating more than one person at once, this is a first and it's proving my reasoning for not wanting to do it. I was already dating one person he says "you should friend zone me because I don't know what I want right now" I said ok and met the second guy a months or so later. But now he acts like he doesn't want me dating anyone else we joke we go out sometimes. Text all day, we have stuff in common but he feels like he's in his "selfish" stage in life he doesn't know what he wants. This second guy made it clear he wants to move forward to some thing he's beyond nice opens doors for me. Every time k try to pay for something myself he won't let me, we have so much more in common he loves to travel like I do we're both extremely sarcastic and can have actually conversations about what's going on in the world (I can do that with the other guy but it's not the same) he was very clear where he wants this to go. But what should I do if I was already talking to some one? Should I just ask the first guy is he positive he doesn't see this going anywhere and see what he says? I don't want to string to guys along, what should I do?


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  • so u said 1st guy doesn't know wot he wants now... right?
    ok since 2nd guy's clear about wot he wants to do... then yeah it'd be good to ask 1st guy, to be sure about wot he wants, so u can see how u'll move wid da 2nd guy


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  • Make it Simple on yourself here, dear, and Don't Commit to anyone, just have fun With... Being friends at first with Everyone.
    One doesn't have to know about the other One, so Silence is your best friend. Until you both go on the same page and want More in Store, the writing on my own wall all is End the madness and just relax And... Until it is Going somewhere and it looks like a Match made in Heaven, then go slow with your flow with Joe and Every Tom, Dick and harry while Nursing and nurturing "Friendships" for awhile... I like that Style myself.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence, and happy to share with Da Master here, dear, who is Still my friend till the end.:)) xxxoo

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  • I think that the first guy doesn't have his life together and that's why his acting the way he is. He doesn't know what hi wants and may not change in the near futue. By what you're saying, the second guy sounds as a great catch and you souldn't let him go, keep in mind that a lot of women want a guy that has a clear image of what he wants and treats you that nicely. You're lucky ;)

  • Date the guy who's into you right now! I know it sounds horrible but why would you want to be with someone who didn't care about your feelings until they saw you having fun and blow off a guy who's totally into you?
    But, I would do what you think is best. Flip a coin heads first guy and tails second guy, not because you'll get an answer but when it's in the air you'll know what "side" you'd want it to land on.

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