Why do I have to put so much effort in the conversation?

So there's this guy and we've been talking for a while now and at first it was all good and the conversation was easy and effortless, just felt natural to talk to eachother.
However, lately it has been very hard to keep a conversation going. He never texts first and if I don't say anything for days, there won't be a conversation for days. When I do say something the conversation is alway nice, he isn't rude or answers short or anything but he will just stop in the middle of the conversation. Just read my message and then doesn't reply. Sometimes I'll double text but that hardly helps.

Anyone any suggestions how to deal with this situation? Would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.


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  • some people dont like texting for long periods of time if the conversation isn't interesting to them for example a pleasant nice conversation may be fine with you but to him it could be ass draggingly boring and he's only doing it to be nice

    • Yes could be but still very rude not to reply, if the topic is not interesting you could change it...

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    • Yeah ok thanks

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  • So there are two things I would probably do... One, i would just stop texting him all together, no matter how long it is, and see if he replies back a week later or so. If he asks why you stopped texting him, say that he never gave much a reply or never kept a conversation. Two, I would just confront him about it... I don't know what you're like so I can't help you with what to say, but just confront him.

    • We're not in a relationship so wouldn't it be needy of me to say he has to put effort into me?

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  • I'd say he's moved on. Sorry :/

    • But he see seems really interested in me and when we talk it's nice conversations and stuff it's just I can't get him to make an effort you know. He isn't moved on cause he's that type of guy to just straight up say he isn't interested anymore.

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