I like this guy but would he like me?

I really like this guy, we have meet a few times each time he hugs me good bye. I really like him and we r going to be going on a date the thing is I am not like normal girls I dont drink smoke or wear really nice dresses I am a converse jeans and pj girl I like lord of the rings and doing art I just really want him to like me I dont know if I am his type is there any thing I can do to change?


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  • Be yourself. That's all anyone can expect you to be, and if they don't like it... Fuck em. However.. Maybe going out in pjs isn't the best idea.. Jeans and converse are okay though. I've learned as I got older that no matter how comfortable they are... Pjs just aren't acceptable to go out in public in. It just doesn't look good.

    • Hahaha I dont go out in pjs I just love wearing them all the time in side with Netflixs

    • Ohhh!' Hahahaah That's perfectly fine then! Your defiantely aren't the only one. Almost all the girls I know (myself included) do that!

    • Well part of dating is doing things out of your comfort zone. If you're more of a homebody maybe going somewhere kinda loud like dancing (you don't have to drink) or even a restaurant with food you wouldn't normally eat could be a fun experience. What is he in to? Maybe you could show him a few things. Art galleries, or he could come over to draw with you while watching a cool underground movie he's never heard of (pjs required)

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