How to act on a confusing lunch date?

So there's this girl I'm 19 she's 19 we've been friends ever since I can remember. She has always had this thing for my cousin (18). I have always liked her but never said anything. Last year our friendship seemed to be growing stinger to me. I would flirt with her and what not. In early July I fucked up by telling her my feelings. Well now. (7 mo. Later) she texts me telling me that she misses me and how much of a bitch she was and blah blah and that she's sorry. I ended up telling her we can't be friends but everyone was telling me to text her back and apologize. We are currently going to lunch on Friday, as friends of course. I feel like I'm putting too much pressure on a relationship here, but you can't blame me she's perfect. Honestly I don't think I'd be able to describe another girl as beautiful as she is. And I guess bummed that she only wants to be friends. I don't know how to act on this lunch date due to the fact that she knows how I feel.


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  • Be a gentlemen without showing feelings. It will freak her out. Give her the opportunity to see who you are as a person, not just a guy almost begging for her. Then give her a kind of chase, once you see she's somewhat interested. Saying "im glad we can be friends" and she will think "wait what? he's already over me? I want him to want me!!" even if she doesn't like you at the time she will want to be desired. And in the time she tries to get you to want her again, she will see the calm gentleman you are and will want to try it out.


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