Girls, today is my birth day, 24 and I am still single. what should I do to get a gf?

I am average looking guy. should i settle to average looking girl?


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  • Don't worry so much about it. People put too much stock in having a girlfriend or boyfriend. It's seriously not that important. Just focus on living your life and enjoying yourself. Desperation reeks and is a huge turn off. You really can't control if and when you meet someone that you click with, and you shouldn't be so desperate for a relationship that you'll just date whoever will take you. Just keep your options open and jump on opportunities if and when they arise.

    I spent almost my entire twenties single. It's not that bad!!


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  • Happy Birthday! I hope this is the best year for you yet. :)
    You "settle" for a girl that is just right for you. So if you love how she makes you feel and you love to look at her and talk to her, that's the girl you should try and look for. When it comes to looks, she actually will be very beautiful to you, even if there are some things about her that you normally thought you would mind. Having attraction means you bypass a lot of that stuff and find someone who is a great addition to your life.

    You're 24, which means there are plenty of young single women everywhere. You've got some very good years starting now that are a good time to be single and search for someone. But actually, after saying that, the least you search - the more likely it will happen for you. I know it's sounds clich├ęd but it's the truth. It happens all the time with people when they least expected it. :)

    • last girlfriend i had when i approached 30 girls in a day. one of them was my girlfriend, but she was not hot. she gone by herself because she noticed i do not loved her...

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    • Well of course people are going to *want* to remain single until "the right one" comes along, I meant.

    • well i am not robot that every girl would be my girlfriend. i want a hotter girlfriend. if it did not happen. i do not know what hot girls want

  • Happy birthday!!

    • thank you. how about getting myself a girlfriend. i have been singe in my whole life. it seems stigma to me outch

  • It's not settling if you're average yourself.

  • be nice to them.

    • hot about a quality of a girl. should i approach hot girls or settle the less?

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