For people against marriage, would you agree to a promise ring?

The idea of marriage is a very split decision. Some are into it. Some aren't.
I completely understand why people are for and against. Personally I'm for. My boyfriend is against. He's said though he will consider it because it's important to me. Same with children.

However, I brought up the idea of a promise ring to him, and he said yes. Would you get a promise ring if you were against marriage?
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  • I don't know if I'll ever agree to get married, I like the idea, but things never go as you dream of and we all know who loses in a divorce, so I'm skeptic about marriage.
    I do want to spend my whole life with the one woman, so I wouldn't mind getting a promise ring.


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What Guys Said 5

  • Well, I'm not against it but I guess any ring I'd receive from my girl I'd wear.
    Loving her means loving her ring :D

  • I can almost garentee you that after a kid or two that guy will leave you for a younger and hotter skirt.

    • Your reason?

    • All of the single mothers that are constantly complaining during yoga at where I work.
      Aw he said he loved me, he promised that he would stay, I gave him the best years of my life only to have him scurry off when I surprised him with a family... Want more I can still ask others for their stories. That dude is just using you leave him while you can. The promise ring means nothing to him he probably had on in school to stay a virgin.

    • I think considering I've given no context of our relationship, how long I've been with him, etc that comment is harsh.
      I would never surprise a family on him. I don't want children yet and it has to be a joint decision. I wouldn't get pregnant just to keep someone.
      All I've put is we have differing views on marriage and children and from this you've got he's using me?
      Go on. Tell me how he's using me. Since you have no details of our relationship I would like specific examples and then I will tell you if he does them or not.

  • I'd do it if my girlfriend wanted to do it.

  • I don't see why there's such a need for a physical representation of love.

  • Yes, a promise ring to "promise we never get married."

    • Lol. That's not the reason he agreed. I said to him a promise to each other, like a pre engagement but with no commitments, wedding planning or name. Just a step between in a relationship and engaged.

What Girls Said 2

  • It has a very Mormon vibe. I don't like it.

    However, if it works for you, go right ahead.

    • Nice open and tolerating mind you got there...

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    • Yes I have. And they were the nicest and most accepting people I've ever met.
      Yeah, and Muslims randomly explode.

      With any group you can find issues, that doesn't mean the entire group is like that. Not every Mormon is racist in the same way not all Muslims spontaneously combust.

    • Also, I'm still not seeing how this is Mormon.

  • But is marriage and children something you would want yourself? If yes and he's against both of them, I'm not sure how is such a big difference going to last? Will you still be on his same page if you get older?

    Personally, if I wanted something major in life and the person is not on my same page it would be a deal-breaker to me.

    • and I wouldn't appreciate someone agreeing with me just because it's something I want but it's not coming from themselves. I would not be happy with an ''I'll do because you want'' reply.

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