He's over me, right?

So, I met this guy at work about six weeks ago. We hung out together and took the train together. At some point he asked me to come with me and we made out at an abandoned station platform. Then, like five days later, I spend the night at his place and we had... fun (you know). I was going to spend the day with him again the following Saturday, but I had to cancel - to which he just replied "ok". I never heard from him again, and that was three weeks ago.

He's over me, right? Not that I care that much, I just want to make sure that I'm not totally crazy.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes he's over you.


What Girls Said 1

  • He may have thought that you were using an excuse Not to lip lock And... Spend the day with him again...
    It's been nearly a month of Mondays and honestly, it May Not be over. He could come callin' again out of the blue.
    However, if he would, it would be cause he wants a small sample of what you both did a few weeks back, with taking the ride of a life Time... We had fun.
    It could be he has found a quick replacement but if it is more than a month, chances are he may not get in touch with you again because with you telling him you 'Had to cancel,' he may have thought you were not Interested enough and it currently it should be considered A... Midnite train to Georgia that came and went.
    For now, it seems it Is... Over.
    Good luck. xx


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