If she takes hour to reply, is she defo not interested? (please read details below!)?

she stares at me a lot, she laughs at my jokes, she calls me babe, she charged into back of my chair when we were behind each other, she sneaked up on me and try to scare me, she waited for m to finish n walked up with me, i messaged her on fb and we chatted for last 5 days, she seems interested, using emotions, excited faces, parragrpahs, but she goes offline for hours, and she's not active, but comesonline sometimes 4 hours later and replies


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What Girls Said 1

  • She's probably interested, she's either busy or she's delaying her texts either due to being afraid of coming on too strong, or she's teasing you because some girls think giving you a chase will make guys want you more.

    There is also the slight chance that she's not very sensitive or interested in a relationship at the moment and totally didn't notice this.


What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like she is flirting with you and is definitely interested so what are you waiting for ask her out. The 4 hours bit is probably her way of not seeming needy.

    • im waiting till next time i see her at work, to ask her face to face

    • Sounds like a plan

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