Why do most people stick to their own league in dating and relationships?

Key word is most not all. I am not asking if you believe in leagues and I know not all people stick to their own league, that is why I said most


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  • i dont believe in leagues. if i did, i'd probably be alone :(

    • YOU don't. But I am asking why MOST people do stay in their own league.

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    • Well that answer didn't help at all since I never asked anyone if they believe in leagues or not. Ok to make things simple for you, why do MOST good looking people only dating other good looking people?, why do most average looking people only date other average looking people, and why do most below average looking people only date other average looking people? Answer that please.

    • Read my last message and respond please

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  • The reason that most people stay in their #own leagues is because they know that someone #above their league would more than likely reject them #SimpleAsThat

    Not too many people are willing to fight the #UPHILL #BATTLE OF trying to land a legit rated 7-9 while they're only a 4 or at best rated 5 themselves. Since they know that they're going to be competing with rated 7-9's for ___ attention. We both know that based on looks alone usually___ isn't going to give them the time of day over those hot guys.

    And it's also not a secret that good looking people like to date other good looking people 95% of the time #SorryTruthHurts

    So "why should I even try?" is what it going to be going through their mind I'm sure and commonly is. i1127.photobucket.com/.../ezgif.com-add-text.gif

    Hell, even if they could land that legit rated 7-9 girl they only going to be insecure about her leaving them in the end for some other guy, right? Via the classic " #OMG __ is too good for me, why does she date me anyway when she can do better than me?" line.

    So what they usually choose to do is be realistic with themselves and go get in where they so call " fit in" with another average/ugly person #TheresYOurMHOIfIMustSaySoMyself ^_^.


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  • Because they are realistic

    • Most people are realistic then

    • I wouldn't say most, I think a lot of people have unrealistic expectations

    • Alright but the ones that do stick in their league are realistic.

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