True or false:a single guy who works long hours will never meet a potential date?

Since they're always at work or sleeping/resting at home. And I'm guessing most say work is off limits for dating.

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  • It might be possible if he tries to make time, but yeah it will definitely be much harder and he'd have to consciously fit it in.


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  • Sorta, I think that is mostly just negative thinking. Basically you are saying they party as much or go to bars drinking as much. To be honest, meeting someone half baked or drunk isn't the best environment anyway in my opinion. So you are eliminating the less successful opportunities.


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  • I worked all hours for two years building up a business before selling out because I hated managing people. I didn't date that whole time but at the end of it I seemed to suddenly be highly attractive to women. I don't know if it was the demographics or that I was a success (not rich but independent) while still young or what but I was an ordinary looking guy who'd had a few girlfriends in college and suddenly I was like a rock star.

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