If she did this on our first date rather then kiss me is that good or bad?

We both kind of liked each other for a while before this by the way. At the end of the first date when I brought her home I was not sure I should expect a kiss or not since it was out first date. But as I droped her off she did not kiss me but she Touched her face to mine (forehead to forehead.) and said thank you for the date and a fun evening. Is this a sign she likes me or not.

  • It is a sign she likes you.
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  • It does not mean that. But it does not mean she doesn't like you.
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  • She does not like you that way
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  • Aww man i accidentally clicked the second one but i meant thec1st one


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  • She does like you, on the second date go for the kiss.


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  • She wasn't ready to kiss you, especially since it was a first date (not that many girls kiss on the first date), but she wanted to show you that she liked you.

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