Ladies, black ladies in particular?

Why do so many of you not realize how many white guys simply adore you and would love nothing more than to have your attention?

  • Is it because you're aware but simply prefer to remain loyal to your ethnicity?
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  • Is it because you're not interested?
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  • Is it because you're oblivious to the attraction?
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  • Other... explain in comment section...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I could ask many of the white gentleman the same question... And I am into white guys and wouldn't turn a guy down because of the color of his skin.

    • Me either; I'd never say that I'm exclusively attracted to black women. About 3 years ago, I noticed that every time I found myself near a black woman who I found myself attracted to, I'd get this warm fuzzy feeling and an almost uncontrollable desire to tell her just how beautiful she was, how the color of her skin made me feel warm, the thought of holding her hand made me feel as though my heart would jump out of my chest... all I could think of was making sure she knew how incredibly gorgeous she was and how much I'd cherish the opportunity to talk to her and treat her like the queen she is to me. I guess you could say that was when I realized I was attracted to black women lol. To this day, when a beautiful black woman enters the room, for me the room goes quiet and she quickly becomes the ONLY woman in the room.

    • I really wish that there were more guys out there like you.

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What Girls Said 4

  • I don't want to be exoticized. I'd run like hell if I thought you liked me _because_ I'm black, just like I'd avoid you like the plague if I thought you disliked me because I'm black. Content of my character and all that...

  • I'm oblivious only because I keep to myself a lot and don't really pay attention to guys in that way but then again it's all guys I do that with lol


  • I am oblivious to the attraction.

    • I have dated interracially before and they were all white guys that I did this with - I like other races and would date them, but this question doesn't pertain to them (to: the haters). I know that there are some white guys that find me attractive, but I am very afraid of approaching many of them because I fear they won't like me. If you look at GaG questions, black girls aren't exactly the most favored race when it comes to dating them or being attracted to them. I don't believe this is true, but that's what they say on GaG. :/

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    • Well thank you. :) Where I come from, I don't know many guys that do. The only ones that seem to show a true interest in black girls where I live are Italians... I don't know why, haha.

    • Lol... well I AM part Italian?

  • other... i find white men attractive and it's just hard to find a white male who are interested in an African American women.

    • I think I could definitely agree with your statement. If you ever wonder if a white guy is interested look into his eyes. If he makes eye contact, he's down!!

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    • It's literally both sad and disgusting at the same time. I truly wished more black women realized just how gorgeous they are and that there isn't a single. woman out there who has a single thing over a them.

    • Hm... I think it has more to do with... well i don't want to look like a dumb ass or desperate going up to a guy and asking if he's interested in me etc. regardless of race no wants to get rejected

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