Where is your ideal place to meet a girlfriend in college?

What qualities do you look for when looking for a girlfriend? (Do ANY college freshmen even want a boyfriend?)


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  • I'm a college freshman (well technically starting sophomore year soon) and always open to a relationship, so yes, there are people looking for relationships.

    My ideal place would be a study lounge, or someplace out of class. Ideal would be at my dorm's monthly jam session in the formal lounge.

    • If you saw a girl you were interested in at a study lounge would you approach her? How do I meet people in study lounges?

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    • You need to make it look like you are waiting for him to make a move. One thing would be to not be super focused studying. Maybe talk with a girl friend (not a big group), be watching and laughing at a TV show on your computer, whatever. Like I said, a person who is on their book with headphones studying advanced calculus looks like someone who does not want to be disturbed.
      So some tips...
      1.) Look good. (Like not over the top but decent clothes etc.)
      2.) Don't look super busy and engrossed in whatever you are doing. (As mentioned earlier)
      3.) To pick up shy guys, you are going to have to be friendly to them to make them feel like they won't be rejected.
      4.) Glance at him every once in awhile. Shows him you are thinking of him. After awhile do a few second glance, than smile, look away.
      5.) Smile a lot. If you seem friendly, your chances of approached go up drastically.
      6.) Don't overdo any of these tips. Otherwise it get weird.
      7.) Don't be around other guys.

    • Also know that you may do this, but there are guys that will not approach you anyway. It is at those points where you just got to move on.

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  • In the library.


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