How to get a girlfriend If I never had one?

I am going to start college in a month and i think college will be the time i get to experience dating and get a girlfriend. What is the way to get a girlfriend my first year at college? Im going to a college close to my home by the way i am not dorming. I use the train, bus.


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  • Go to social events. Be sociable with people. Join clubs and dress clean.

  • The first few weeks are really important in a semester because most girls aren't worried about the mid term or finals. When they're really studying, dating becomes a bad time for them. So meet a lot of girls and ask for a lot of numbers. If I could do it over again, I would date a lot because there are a lot of great girls waiting to get asked out. Even if they aren't interested, if you are a genuine guy, they'd love to go out. And when dating someone you really like, you know when to have the 'conversation' and make her you're girlfriend. Good luck bro!