First date please help?

so I thought about dinner and possibly mini golf? Would that be ok. Or do you have any better ideas or should I stay with just dinner?


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  • Mini golf sounds like a fun way to get to know someone!!! It just depends on the girl you're dating. But in general, mini golf sounds so amazing. It's very friendly, and a good way to get conversation going. Also you get to see if the person is competitive or not. XD


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  • Ummm well you guys are young. So, I'm not speaking from experience because i have no experience. I'm speaking from logic.
    Go to place where she has to make the commitment to go there and not rely on you for a pickup to go there.
    Also, I think the first date should be the "feel you out date". Do you have common interests? Just finding out more information about that person.
    Also mini golf can take a while. So if it isn't going well you are committed. Whereas getting a cup of joe or grabbing some candies from a shop doesn't require a lot of money and a lot of time. But just enough time to get an understanding of that person and if you can see a future with them.

    • Iboth of us are 21. I thought about also going to dinner then walking around a park. To boarding? I thought that gives time to talk

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  • Walk to the restaurant. Chat on your way there. After dinner a walk through the local garden/park. Watch sunset. Maybe go for icecream

    • Would like a river walk with stores and restaurants be good?

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    • Super! Good luck. If the date last much longer than intended and/or get a kiss at the end of the night you are probably doing it right.

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  • Stick with mini golf.

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