Does she love me?

I have a friend that I have been really good friends for a few we always flirt I have told her that I really like her but I think she might have a boyfriend every time I pick her up from work he's there but he doesn't even have a job he is always trying to talk to her kid on facebook but her dad told him not to talk to his kid she says she is single she always holds my hand and kisses me anytime we are together and tells me that she loves me even yesterday she sent me a text at the end of it she said luv ur girl nik so I don't know what to think the guy that I think is her boyfriend I don't like him he is into drugs and robbing people she is the one that told me he is a ice addict and he is a thief when I told her what I thought of him she agreed I don't know why she would be saying that she loves me and kissing me if she doesn't mean it any help would be good


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  • its possible.


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