Is love real or is it a load of bull shit?

I am a truly monogomous guy and I have not had the best time dating different girls.
I just want to know is love real? if its not than ok but I just get kind of upset thinking about it.
I just want one girl who I can love, respect, and make my qweeen. Maybe I am old fashioned or whateer but I actually wish for one and only one girl who I can have that would be mine.
I dont want to sleep around or anything like that. I just want a real connection and it seems that is not a real thing anymore.
Just put me out of my missory here or at elast let me know their are girls out their who want tthe same as me.
Make fun of me if you need to I dont care. I know what I want and it upsets me that it is so difficult to find..


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  • Yes, it is real!
    Don't lose hope 👍


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  • The whole truth? Love is real, but its a pain in the ass to find, and an even bigger pain in the ass to keep. Especially with our scocietys divorce laws made exclusively to benefit women, and the media glorifying single life.

    Dont beleive the people who say "just be patient, love will magically find you someday." You have to go out and try and find her somehow, even if its just dating sites.

    Once you find her make sure she isn't conning you, narcissistic bitches are extremely good at doing that. One had me going for 4 years!


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  • I think love is still real, just harder to find in our world of fakes


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