Is this normal in the stage we are in in our relationship?

Hello! I have a question regarding me and my boyfriend's sexual actions actually lol. He and I met towards the end of high school and I swear it was chemistry. For months he tried to be mine, but I was scared to be in a relationship (got hurt much too many times) blah blah, but i finally gave him a chance and we hung out and it was just instant chemistry. We are now in a few months of our relationship offically. I am in college and he's working back at home until fall. Im an hour away from him and he usually tries to come once a week or every few weeks. Things have gotten pretty intense when he comes to see me. We have now gotten to the point of oral sex and i dont want to go any further, but i feel like we are already going fast. However, we dont see each other as often anymore and I guess thats why things just get more intense. Is it normal to have been going this far by three to fourish months into a relationship? He just came down for my birthday and we kissed for hours. He ended up spending the night and we kissed some more, did a little more, and we ended up falling asleep naked. It honestly, like I feel something so wonderful between us, but I just dont want to ruin it if were are going too fast sexually. Is this too much for us at the amount of time weve been together? Will we eventually get sick of each other physically? Any advice will help, thank you so much! :)


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  • Guys, just like girls, have the desire to be intimate with the person they're in love with. And with the human condition of always wanting more, constantly increasing, so is the same with sex. Where once you we struggling to hold hands, now you've suddenly found yourself doing things that would turn your mother's face red. It's hard to say no and it's even harder to pull back, but if you're not ready, you need to voice it. It's great that you have such wonderful chemistry but you have to be the one in control. Guys have such a hard time stopping, we count on girls saying no. Now to actually answer your question, it is normal. People usually start having sex when they're ready, most when they start a serious exclusive relationship. But not everyone is the same. It all depends on what you feel is the right speed. If it's too fast, it's too fast. If you want more, ask your partner. They are the one you're suppose to be trusting so get there advice on the matter. Ask them where they want to be and let them know what you think. You both should be happy so communicate that.


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  • It depends on how you feel... I think you need to ask where the relationship is headed... right now you know he comes to see you to see you. If you start having sex you may wonder if he comes for that which is dangerous as it will tear the relationship up...

    When I lost my virginity I fell so hard for the guy I happily lost it... early on. Now I wish I hadn't but I am not ashamed of losing it when I did as I really did fall hard for the guy and I didn't know it wasn't going to work out... he was my first long term relationship.


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