Where's the best place to meet girls in college for quiet guys?

I'm a pretty quiet guy and I can go to parties and events every so often but I often get uncomfortable after a while and unless I know a few people it can be awkward, especially because I'm also introverted (although somewhat extroverted in very small groups). I'd rather be somewhere calm/inviting/less intimidating. I'm not necessarily shy or nervous around any friends, other guys, or most girls but I can imagine my heart will be beating away relentlessly the first time I try to ask a girl out (Yep, I'm really inexperienced, too. :) ) Coffee shops seem like a decent place to start, but I'm struggling to think of other good places where I won't feel overwhelmed. Any help? Thanks!

For those wondering, I'm actually 2 years younger than it says I am, so I'll be a freshman this fall. Hopefully that doesn't make me seem really creepy! ;)


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  • The library! Just don't bug the ones who seem like they're busy cramming for a test, haha.

    The most likely place, though, will be in your classes. If your college courses are not just "lectures" but also have a "discussion" section attached to them, those are also good opportunities to talk in class and get to know classmates. Classes that require group activities -- like labs, speech classes, etc. -- are the best opportunities, from my experience.

    And of course, your friends will likely introduce you to female friends of theirs during the course of college. Happens all the time. xD


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  • Meeting girls comes down to confidence in yourself, not always the location, so the library is not a bad place. But I would focus on the time frame of when to meet girls, like at the beginning of the semester, rather than towards the end. But if you're looking for location, meeting a girl in class by sitting next to her or in the cafeteria by getting in line behind her and striking up a conversation are always really good places to talk to girls. Remember, girls need someone confident, not loud. Just smile and introduce yourself.

  • Fraternities, duhh

  • College girls don't like quiet guys. They like guys who party a lot. Girls are too predictable,


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