We are slowly drifting apart can I save this?

It's not how it used to be between us but whenever I spend a lot of time with him it is. We used to see each other a lot, there was chemistry and we were always nervous around each other. I basically let him do all the work because he always did.. I'm shy and he is very forward, he didn't like it so I started reaching out sometimes but slowly we stopped seeing each other as much as we used to and he was the only one who made plans. When he comes home after going away for three weeks I stopped feeling nervous around him? There were so many things we hadn't talked about and I didn't dare to because I don't know where we stand. We continue seeing each other anyways and it is great when both of us put in effort, show affection but I can go days without talking to him (I'm a bit of an introvert) and then we're just back again not really going anywhere. Do you get my point? I was talking to him recently because he was rude enough to try hook up with me at midnight after not hearing from in a week, well I haven't intiated any contact either. He says that at least he texts late unlike me who never text then gets sort of angry when I said but I'm texting now. I can just feel how we are going downhill, I suck at dating tbh. Is there any way to save this? I do like him but I feel like there is things to talk about etc.


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  • Maybe you should go have an honest talk with him... confess and tell him that you need to have the relationship and discuss...
    Communication is the key of a healthy relationship

  • It sounds like things suck anyways, just break it off


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