Psycho friend vs potential gf?

Two guys have been best friends for 15 years and are house mates, a girl comes along one housemate falls in love Despite her making it very clear to him she doesn't want to date him, she's told him she really likes his housemate who's also his best friend. His best friend has given her all the signs he wants to be with her but keeps blowing hot and cold as his other housemate has become jealous. The jealous housemate has been stirring up trouble to keep his best friend and this girl apart. he's also been malicious to the girl who doesn't fancy him. Does his best friend date this girl that could be everything he could ever want or does he side with his best mate with psychological issues
  • Should housemate give this girl a chance as his friend is being maicious
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  • Should housemate ditch the girl to please his jealous housemate
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  • Should jealous housemate allow his best mate to date this girl
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Lol why does his friend have "psychological issues" just because he's jealous? That's not psychological issues. That's just him being human. As far as what the guy should choose, whatever he chooses is what he should choose. There's no "right" answer in this. It just comes down to whoever's relationship he values more.

    • Ahe does genuine have psychological issues he's damaged anger housemates ps4 just because he came to have his haircut by me. Psycho housemate found out and poured water into the console. He won't let the guy i like be anywhere near me I get verbally abused by this psychology gut and suddenly he preaches his live for me? This guy has previously overdosed to get a girls attention in the past! If u knew him you would understand! I've even gone outbid my way to seek professional advice on how to help this psycho guy and they have warned me for my own safety to keep my distance from this psycho housemate I have given him some numbers to ring should he need help but I have distanced myself now.

    • I don't judge people even when I know them so knowing them wouldn't really make me "understand" anymore because I still wouldn't judge him. If he values his relationship, even though he's as "psycho" as you say, then he has to make a decision. If he was only siding with his friend just for his own safety, then it's wrong. However, it he just values his friendship, then it's not really wrong.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Should judgement voting won't change psycho's mind
    and he won't move out, judging from past misbehavior
    so the only solution is to drop all conversation, worries and "ought to"s
    simply lovers move out of there
    and move in together... psycho gets no key to the new place

    • He can't afford for his housemates to move out and I can't afford the rent

    • Well, I would choose love over money
      and love will find a way, if allowed.
      Waiting for finances to improve to set you free of a roommate problem is just water torture

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What Guys Said 1

  • Well they have been best friends for a long time, chances are neither of them will make a move on the girl. Some guys follow an unspoken code when it comes to friendships and girls.

    • The jealous housemate has said he's happy for her to date his best mate he's only making sure it doesn't happen as he knows it will hurt the girl

    • Like I said these guys have been best friends for 15 years and they live together, if they care about their friendship, they'll move on from the girl. What people say and do is entirely different.

    • The guy I like flirts with me I decided to live on so when they guy I like found out I was going on a date he asked me out he kissed me etc I got rid of the gu I was going in a date with as I felt so strongly for his guy I like only to be messed aground. There's come thing clearly there between us but he's fighting it for some reason?

What Girls Said 1

  • I'd rather stick with my psycho bestfriend, because fighting over a girl isn't worth ruining a great friendship.

    • Yes I agree but then living together has caused to much tension, plus the other housemate dislikes him so even Wih me out of the equation there's drama.

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