Why are girls more critical of who there female freinds date compared to guys?

When I hear that a girl I know is about to start dating. All our female freinds disect everything about the guy. Even information like where he lives or how he acted on the first date. Any slight thing they dislike about the guy they go crazy like if he didn't pay on the first date why u still with him. Or does he have money. Or did he hold open the door for you. Stupid shit that only concerns the girl in question not her freinds.
Whereas the guy's I know it's usually less intrusive questions like is she hot. Its never usually about her conduct/personality.
I always feel sorry for the girl who is being quizzed because they always look like there taking it on board and being manipulated to think like the rest.

So im curious why ares girls so judgmental of who there female freind date, whereas guys are not As much?
And another intresting question how much of what bullshit they say do you take on board?


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  • I haven't noticed this in my experience. I mean, yeah, girls tend to ask more questions about the people their friends are dating, but I've only seen it in a "taking interest in each other's lives" way, not in a critical way.

    I've never had friends ask me whether a guy paid for the first date, whether or not he had money, whether or not he held the door open, etc.

    I have noticed some guys tend to be critical about the appearance of the women their guy friends date though. I'm a little overweight, and my boyfriend got a lot of flak from his friends for dating a "fat girl". I'd much rather his friends have asked him about my conduct and personality than to insult my appearance and insult my boyfriend for dating me.


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  • Many girls have told me that they feel the need to protect their friend. It's just different view points coming together. Guys encourage their friends to date and 'hook up' (not all the time) but for girls, they tend to look more long term (also not all the time) so it's just a different generalization. Truth be told, it depends on the person.


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  • I'm protective of my friends so I obviously do it to look out for them, my friends comes to me and want my opinion on a guy I'm going to be honest I wouldn't tell them don't date him but I would give my honest opinion of him, my friends do the same for me


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