What did this mean when he told me this comment?

I started dating this new guy. didn't hear from him for a few days so i was thinking oh he didn't like me as much as i thought.
Nowadays after a certain amount of dates you have sex. Well after the third we did. Than a day after that is when i didn't hear from him.
Finally when i did hear from him. I asked why did you make me feel like i was nothing cus thats how it felt.
He gave the excuse of his fone being restarted. Mind you i dont believe that one bit.
Than he asked me why i felt like that... i told him what i just told you all.
He goes i dont understand i felt like heaven when i was inside you... and i can not stop thinking about it...

Ok i never heard of that term of words. Please shed light to me on that..
Than he came to see me and when he was leaving he said my hair looks very beautiful like out of the blue..
Guys im so lost.. i always get the odd ones i have no idea what to think on all of this.
Though i think he cool to get to know..


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  • He's being overly dramatic.


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  • He does not seem interested in anything with you other than sex. Sorry this might hurt your feelings, but it's hard for girls. And you seem to have been genuinely hurt by it, you even said it.

    If you want a serious relationship with a decent guy, then get to know him more. Figure out, first and foremost, what you are looking for from a relationship, before you ever go out meeting guys.

    Then, when you go out dating guys, stick to your standards! Don't have sex on the third date. I think it's way too soon for you because you're obviously not looking for a one night stand. And it doesn't matter how long you've been chatting online. If you have sex on the first few dates, especially when no commitment has been officially made, then you're setting yourself for great disappointment and heart ache. It doesn't matter if you've been dating for months and months, even a year--- if there is no official commitment made to you, then it's automatically and unspoken, no strings attached policy.

    If you want more support and have more questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or even message me.

    I really hope. this helps you. In the meantime, remember that you are a wonderful, worthy, and lovable woman who deserves to get what she desires. Oh, and forget about this guy, because he obviously is not on the same page with you. Let it go now, stop having sex with him and don't talk to him under any circumstances. This will help you move on faster.


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  • he's not interested


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