A girl on a dating site who liked me and agreed to go on a date with me then the day before she said sorry she is just not ready for it should I wait?

At first we talked for an hour then i added her on facebook.
We organised to go on a date on Sunday 12th she said yes but was just checking when she was free!
I didn't hear back from her so on the Thursday i asked her when she was free, no response.
Anyhow i messaged her again Saturday 18th where she apoglised and said she was busy then said she was not ready but said she was really sorry and that i was really nice but said i reminded of how things got with her ex!
Anyhow she got angry with me saying -
You still went out so don't try making me feel bad. Please just stop, this is ridiculous. This is what I mean about the messaging, I've just woke up and I've got 2 messages from you already.

she took what i said out of context as i was trying to find if the date was happening as i had to go to my little cousins bday party.
Anyhow yesterday she deleted me on facebook and i am feeling really depressed as i knew she liked me and yet somehow this has happened i just wanted to meet her in person.

Basically i want to prove to her that i am not like her ex so i will send her a friend request again on Sunday so it would have been a week along with a message apoligisng even though i did nothing wrong!
Do you think waiting a week is a good idea?


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  • Wait a bit.

    • i was going to wait a week is that enough time to send her a friend request?
      do you think she will come around eventually?

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