If a girl delete's you off Facebook that did like you how long should you wait to send a friend request, would a week be enough?

Basically we were going on a date she pulled out last minute then got a bit angry with me for messagin her twice and deleted me!


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  • If she deleted you she should be the one sending a friend request...

    • do you think she will?

    • I don't know, if she doesn't then she's not interested. If she is still interested and you insist that much then chances are she will stop being interested. If you do send a request after better 2 weeks then wait for her to say something, don't text!

  • Yes, week is enough

    • do you think she would accept as she was considering going on a date with me?
      i just found out as well that she got fired the Friday just gone so maybe that was why she was a bit angry with me

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    • So by giving her some breathing space and sending that message i told you about she will more than likely accept me again?

    • I think yes. Just do it!๐Ÿ˜Ž

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