Is it still a friends with benefits if it was never called that?

I was "seeing" a man for the better part of nine months and we met like regurlar people do. Saw eachother weekly like regurlar people do. About a month into the dating I asked him if we were only casual, his answer was "I don't know". At the time I felt I asked too soon so Iet the issue go. We continuted on for months. NOT ONCE DID HE EVER SAY THAT WE WERE FWBs. We talked almost everyday, saw eachother when we could. He gave me books. I brought him food when he was sick. I comforted him when he was down. He told me about his family and I told him about mine. He called me pet names. He tole me he liked me 4 times. Everything regular people do.

When it was over, he kept applogzing and that saying he was a fucked up person and that I deserved someone better. My friend, whom I always came to for support, seems to thing that we were only "friends with benefits". I had to look it up and I totally disagree that I was in that kind of relationship.

Do help finish this fight (because I'm about to hit this bitch in her throat) do you thing this was a friends with benefits relationship?


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  • Friends with benefits are friends that have sex. Did you have sex regularly? If you didn't, then I wouldn't say you were friends with benefits.

    • But don't people in relationships have sex regularly? In all of my other relationship we had sex regularly?

    • Yes, but not as friends. I'd consider friends that have sex as friends with benefits, even if they don't call themselves so.

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