I'm in bits please I need help and advice?

I was seeing a man for nearly two years ! We had our ups and downs and i put that down to the frustrations of the distance because he lived 2 hours away from me. I started I have suspicions about him when I saw a women following him on a Twitter and he was shirtless. I confronted him about her and pretended I found out things about him , he said was you snooping through my phone? And he said he was doing something for his brother and he didn't need to tell me !!! Basically he said he was trying to trap her by message etc :/ I didn't believe this he then swore on his children's lives and said do a lie detector then !' And he said " do you think I would've touched that " , meaning the women. He said he had never been with anyone since knowing me. I then found out all the time he had been seeing me he kept it a secret he had a girlfriend back at home ! I lost my temper and texted her about us , he then said I was out of order why do that to him? He then rang today shouting at me then eventually he calmed down and said he has lost everything his girlfriend and kids because of what I have done !! He then said the same things about that women and he said don't think you are getting me back ! It's over ! It's done ! , I was crying down the phone heartbroken , he then said he had never been with any women and I'm insecure. I don't know what to do I'm in bits please I need advice


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  • I'm sorry for your situation. It has to be tough trying to keep your world together and you feel like the one you love is pulling it apart. First, this was not your fault. He sealed his fate the moment he tried to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. Deception is not a good foundation of any relationship. Second, you deserve someone better. I assume you still have feelings for him, but from what you've written, I can't be convinced that he ever deserved you or your feelings. At this time, you should be talking to your friend and family for support. People try to deal with these moments alone. Talk to someone and remember you aren't at fault for his actions. You reacted to his actions. Please don't blame yourself. Stay strong


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  • Those are the risks of life.

    • Do you think he hates me for what I've done? Even tho it's his own doing

    • I don't think he's grateful towards you for exposing his double life.


    you're welcome.


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