Would you want to know if your S/O dream-kissed someone?

I know it was just a dream, but we're in an LDR so talking and sharing our thoughts/dreams/plans for the day is what we do 24/7. It wasn't a random guy I dream-kissed - it was a guy I used to like who came to my rescue in the dream. I'm still feeling a little shocked about how real my feelings felt for him last night.

Should I mention this to my guy? He's not the jealous type, but he'll eventually pick up on how I'm feeling (spacey/confused) and I don't want to lie...
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Most Helpful Guy

  • No big deal in my opinion. I had a dream and felt I was back in school doing my exams when I woke up. lol

    Unless your feelings for this guy are properly real and aren't just a dream, in which case, I wouldn't tell him.


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What Guys Said 2

  • That depends, if you have true feelings for the guy, then I'd want to know, and I'd probably break up with you for it, because i can't be in a relationship with a girl who has feelings for another guy.

    But if you don't even like him anymore, and the kiss didn't mean anything, then its not worth mentioning.

  • You shoudnt tell him because its going to confuse him just forget about it. It was just a dream https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XBGzlJOLfCI


What Girls Said 3

  • Dreams are really no big deal, you can have a dream about anyone, and you don't have control over them. If you guys are open with your thoughts and feelings by all means tell him. But don't gush about how you used to like the guy and how real the feelings felt. That would drive me up a wall. Personally I wouldn't want to know. I have a busy and anxious mind as it is, and I feel knowing about the dream would just add to it.

    I guess it also depends on how your relationship is doing in general these days. If it's going well, and it isn't stressful or tense it may not be a big deal to hear something like that. But if there's been distance or fighting lately it could cause problems.

  • I would want to know, but I don't think I would mind much.

  • I;m a girl and I couldn't care less, it's just a dream.


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