It hurts having to realize that he's probably just playing with me?

I have denied to myself that he is playing with me just to get me in bed. My friend said that I'm setting myself up by thinking that he actually likes me he just sees me as a challenge and when I give in he will disappear. Even if he doesn't disappear he might stop seeing me the way he does. I don't understand why he would create a bond with me and still be wanting to see me when he obviously just wants to sleep with me. I feel very hurt how he actually was interested at first, told his friend that he likes my personality because I'm so cute and flexible and that he has a great time with me and comes to her for advice. I haven't showed much interest in him or texted him at all lately and the chemistry isn't really there anymore yet he tries to get into my pants. He has a history of playing with girls and only had one relationship that wasn't a committed one yet people tell me he is a great guy and I'm lucky to have him. I'm very much confused about him.


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  • You say you're confused about him but you just explained everything so well. The best way to judge someone (fairly) is to see how they treat others. Are they kind to others? Treat others with respect? Or do they have a continual history of treating other poorly with little regard to their feelings? The guy you described most likely is interested in you as a person. But that doesn't excuse his clearly more shallow side. And when someone can't focus on what matters, the deep important stuff, they aren't worth your time or thought.
    Now, if you want a better analysis of him, forget what people say about him. What do you think about him? You said you don't have chemistry. Doesn't that speak volumes to you? And honestly, you would not be lucky to be with a guy who sleeps around. You want someone who isn't interested in playing around with a lot of girls. You deserve a guy who wants all of you, not just certain slices. Sorry I couldn't add more so I hope that helps.


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  • he is just playing.


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