His older than me me help?

So some of you helped me out with my other question nd u were right he likes me but nothing happened so I moved on but not on the right path. I like a guy who is 5 years older than me. So I'm 16 and his 21 and I know the dangerous zone his going to. But I really like him more than the other jerk, this guy is different his funny, jokes around and pays attention to me. Let me tell you somethings about him: he works in a store and I work also so we can't see each other a lot but we see each other sometimes. In the morning I work around where he works so I visit him when he has lunch and of course we talk and than I leave to work to my other job. Meanwhile he also gets back to work and we say bye to each other. Like I go visit him to his work, at night he sometimes comes around where I worke and visits me with his family'i know his family they are close to my family so for respect I even call his parents uncle and aunt for respect. When we hang around he has lunch and he shares some with me. We fool around and talk so much that time passes so fast. When I buy things in his store he gives me a discounts, always. One time we were playing with water and he poured it all over me and said sorry touching my hand. When it's time to go he tells me to not go so we keep talking for a little more but than we leave. And after he leaves I go to the supermarket to buy lunch for me and he knows that so he tells me that when i get out of buying myself lunch to go around his store to say bye to him and I do that and he talks to me like he never wants to end it. Those are some signs but like his older I'm not sure maybe he only likes me like his little sister. But I want to make sure so please help me. And I know that he is older than me and I know what conscience can follow along but please just let me know the trhuh.


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  • sounds like he likes you as his little sister.


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