Help "depress" girlfriend?

My girlfriend said she'said "depress" and I dI'd notice she's been "off" and distant for few weeks now. I haven't seen her for almost 2 weeks cos she doesn't want to be with anyone. She's aso going on vacation to domimican next Tuesday (found it through facebook), she said she didn't want to tell me cos I'm going to convince her not to go. We'll this is her first ever vacation and alone. I let it slide cos maybe she does need this. Today is also her b-day, she told me we having dinner with her family. I ask her you want me to come over then we can go to the restaurant together, she said no cos we need to work on our relationship cos it's "weak". Reason was we don't understand each other. I told her I don't understand your depression and your battling with your mind, also told her that it's a slap on my face calling this relationship "weak" while your depress and more trying my best to be there but all you do is push me away. I also told her that any other guy would use this time to cheat and fuck around cos all you been doing is push me away. Now she's saying this is about me again.
Anyone am I being impatient?
Need help on dealing with this.


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  • Be patient with her. I know how depression works. She's just trying to push you away and get you to dump her. Don't let her be alone, check her arms, check to see if she has things that she's not suppose to have. Try to get her help to.

    • She doesn't even want to see me. She told me she's not suicidal, she's just depress and she doesn't know why. Every time I talk to her it turns into an argument and makes me feel like I'm being needy.

    • You're just gonna have to feel needy then, dude. She says she doesn't wanna see you, but she is feeling so alone inside and she just wants someone who cares. Depression can very easily turn into suicide. Still check, but do it inconspicuously. Talk to her. Ask her has anything happened to make her feel like that. She's gonna love you that much more when she comes out of it because you stayed.

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