Am I stuck on my Ex or do I just not want something as serious/loving anymore?

So to start off I dated my ex for about 3 month and she really is an amazing girl, She by far was the most perfect girl I've ever met. It was a long distance relationship and we only saw eachother about 2 or 3 times which was hard. Things started to dwindle down and I thought at the time that we both wanted somehting different and we "mutually" decided to take a break and ended up breaking up around mid April. It took me a long time to get over her and stop thinking about her, about like 2 month. /:

I recently started dating a new girl I met at work and she's a very amazing girl as well, But along with the beggining of us dating I've started to think about certain things we do and how I used to do them with my ex. Also I'm not as emotionanly vested in this relationship and I usually am. I'm not sure what I'm thinking to be honest. I'm not sure if my mind won't let me get emotionlly, or if I'm still stuck and not over my ex.

What can I do to help me stop thinking about her?

What should I do in general with my situaiton?

The only thing making me not try and get back together with her is the distance, I don't wanna do the distnace thing again.


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What Girls Said 1

  • You are not over her. I find it unfair to the new girl if you are not over your ex honestly.

    • I have thought about that myself, But I really do like my current girlfriend and I rather see her happy and with me then depressed if I were to break up with her.

    • That is where you make a judgment call and try not to think about your ex and try to get over her. Get rid of her number, anything she gave you, and think about the good things your current girlfriend does, not missing your ex.

What Guys Said 1

  • seems like thanks to those things u do now wid yer current girlfriend, they remind u of yer X... so nope not over her yet unfortunatelly.

    distance keepin u from see her's good actually... also try to think if u don't stop thinkin about X.. u might lose yer current girlfriend as well... and go back being alone. so focus on her better!


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